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Why custom garage cabinets?

Have you ever gottten something for a great deal and realized that you just wasted your money?  We had a client who had gone to Home Depot and bought cabinets for his garage off the shelf and installed them himself.  It did not take long for him to realize that they were not very well made and not very functional.  The first issue he had was that he could not maximize all of the wall space in his garage because they were not custom to his home.  The second issue he had was that they sitting flush to the concrete in his garage.  Fast foward a few years and some of the doors would not shut properly and due to a small leak in his water heater his cabinets had water damage.  At Silverline, we strive to avoid all of these problems by using the best products on the market for our cabinets.  We also custom draw and professionaly install your cabinets for your space and your needs.  We also install our cabinets off the ground so you don't have to worry about water damage, this also makes it easier to clean out your garage because you can clean under them without worry!  Our customer riped out the old cabinets and they fell apart into pieces as he dumped the in the dumpster and then he called us and is thrilled with his new cabinets from Silverline!

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