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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Resurfacing System

Below are five factors you need to consider when you’re choosing a concrete resurfacing system:

What is the state of the existing surface?

If your concrete has cracks, holes or pitting then make sure to pass the information along to your concrete coating contractor. Also look to see if the surface is out of level because a higher grade building material will need to be used to fix the unevenness.

What conditions will the overlay be exposed to?

Make sure your contractor is fully aware of the weather and use conditions your new concrete surface will face. Issues such as freezing and 100+ temperatures will need special attention because not all materials are intended for outdoor use. Also take note if the surface will be a high traffic area or subject to chemical, grease or oil spills.

How much will it cost?

The average cost of a concrete overlay ranges from about $4-$8 per square foot depending on the type of material used and the complexity of the install. Decorative treatments tend to cost more especially if texture is added or more than one color. Ask your installer to make sure he includes these costs in the quote.

How do you want your floor to look?

Most people choose a concrete coating to restore and beautify existing surfaces. Decide what colors you’re looking for as well as the pattern and texture. For examples of what can be done ask your installer, he can show you samples of various finishes and color selections.

How much maintenance is required?

Because of the materials involved in a concrete overlay they are very resistant to stains, dirt and grease. But they’re not perfect and they will need some cleaning to look their best. Ask your installer what will be required to keep the coating in top condition.

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