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There are a myriad of benefits that come from coating your garage floor concrete with a quality coating. Some of these reasons are obvious, but some might surprise you. There are a wide variety of garage floor coatings available that range from store bought self-applications to professional systems that require substantial training to install. Silverline Systems has been specializing in garage coating for nearly a decade in the Treasure Valley and have installing quality garage floors down to an art.

A quality garage floor coating makes for an easy to clean, easy to keep clean surface. Garage floor coatings installed by Silverline Systems are chemical resistant. That means that any spills you may have, from oil to brake fluid or anti-freeze to paint will wipe up clean without having to use harsh chemical cleaners or too much elbow grease.

Another important factor to consider in the cleaning area is dust. Many people forget that concrete is a very porous material. These pores can trap and keep many different materials one of the most common, especially in the Treasure Valley, is dust. Many people realize that the rooms that they enter from the garage are often some of the most difficult to dust and keep clean. Silverline Systems provides a no place for dust to hide surface with our garage floor coatings. Quality garage floor coatings are impenetrable from almost all substances, including dust. This means that when you clean your floor there is no place for dust to hide and you get a much more thorough clean in your garage, which means a more thorough clean for your home.

Besides the benefits of being easy to clean a quality garage floor coating simply looks great. At Silverline Systems we have been installing garage floor coatings for many years and there is always one common element to every system we do…our customers love them. Coating your garage floor transforms your garage from a cold concrete surface to a warm inviting surface that people work harder to keep clean and love to show off. Studies have shown that people who have their garage floors professionally coated tend to have much neater and well-kept areas than those who have plain concrete floors. Simply put when you have something nice you work harder to keep it nice.

There you have it; just a few of the many reasons to take the step to have Silverline Systems install a quality garage floor system. Sure you can do it yourself, but why worry about whether you’re going to do it right and whether you are using a quality system? Why not just go with the experts trusted by builders and home owners throughout the Treasure Valley. Silverline Systems uses only the highest quality, most advanced materials available and guarantees every coating we install for five years. There aren’t too many cans that you can get from a big box store that will do that. Call Silverline Systems today and let us provide you with all of these benefits and many more today.

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