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Let's Talk About Murphy Beds

Let’s talk about Murphy Beds

The idea of a comfy bed being tucked away and easy to pull down when needed is a great way to get extra sleeping for those relatives that come for the holidays!  This summer our extended family spent the weekend in a beautiful cabin in the mountains.  No expense was spared on the landscaping, woodwork, and fixtures but they did skimp when it came to beds.  Most of the beds were small and uncomfortable.  As we tried to sleep on a foldable, pull out mattress from a couch I was wishing for one Silverline’s comfy and stylish murphy beds.

 Murphy beds are not a new concept but they have come a long way when it comes to style and functionality.  We have desks that turn into beds and you don’t even have to unplug your electronics!  We also have custom cabinets/murphy bed combos that make your home office look amazing and serve dual purposes.  If your look is more traditional or modern, light or dark wood we have lots of options to chose from.  Come visit our showroom or browse through our website and let us help you to choose a murphy bed that will look great and impress your house guests.

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