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Garage Shelving & Cabinets recently had a great article on garage cabinets that we wanted to share.  You can view the entire article on their website.

Garage Cabinets

Simple & Cheap Or Fancy & Expensive

Garage cabinets can do wonders for turning a junk pile into an organized state of affairs. At a minimum, they'll help you get a lot of the clutter that's sitting around the perimeter of the garage floor up and out of the way, making more room for the cars and fewer booby traps to trip over.

But before you get too ambitious about buying cabinets you'll want to take a bit of time to do some planning first. This isn't simply to figure out where to put the cabinets but to determine the quantity and quality of garage cabinets you actually need.

You see, there's a range of choices available to you and choosing cabinets for the garage is a bit different than choosing kitchen cabinets.

That's because you don't necessarily need to be too concerned about how they look (unless you want to that is). You can buy shiny new cabinets made specifically for the garage or buy older, used kitchen cabinets and hang them up on the garage walls.

Considerations like what you plan to store in them, the amount of money you want to spend as well as the kind of environment you live in all factor into choosing the right garage cabinets.

Whether you want high-end or low-cost, there are plenty of choices for a wide range of budgets and storage plans.

Start With Planning First

For most of us the garage is more than just a carport. Whether it doubles as a utility shed, a workshop or a man-cave there's bound to be more than just cars that occupy your garage. And until we find a way to negate the force of gravity, most of the extra stuff we collect over time ends up on the floor, usually in stacks or simply strewn about. That's why garage cabinets make sense, if for no other reason than to make use of some of that unused wall space.

Getting an uncluttered garage and one that fits your needs and budget starts with some planning. A little forethought will help you make good decisions on the type, style and how many garage cabinets you'll need.

Take Stock Of The Stuff That Needs Storage Room

Take an inventory of what's lying around your garage, or other places like the basement, that can be stored in some garage cabinets. Making a list of these items and estimating the size of cabinet space they'll require will help you determine the quantity of cabinets you'll need.

Also take note of how heavy these items are. Most household items aren't that heavy but if you plan on using your cabinets to store very heavy items like car parts or large power tools make sure you plan on getting cabinets robust enough for the job.

Determine If New Or Reused Cabinets Will Suffice

For some of us the garage is utilitarian, where the tools, cars and 'outside stuff' resides. For others, it's furnished more grandly than some kitchens. If you're in the former camp, perhaps recycled cabinets will do.

On the other hand if your garage is or will be the ultimate workshop, new cabinets might be the best choice. They not only add functionality but some style too, particularly if you go with powder-coated or painted metal cabinets.

Then there's the in-between; garage cabinets that are new but more simple, made from plastic or wood composite that don't cost a fortune.

The point here is that there's a range of cabinet choices available to you and you might not need the latest and greatest powder-coated steel cabinet boxes. Think about what will adequately do the job and you might be able to keep your costs low.

Consider Your Environment

Garage cabinets live in a different environment than kitchen or laundry cabinets. They're exposed to the outside elements every time the garage door is opened or a car is pulled in.

Rain and snow come in with the car making the garage environment moist and damp. The water that drops off the car can eventually gravitate to the sides of the garage where the cabinets are. It also evaporates into the air and can condense again on walls and other surfaces like cabinets.

Consider what garage cabinet materials will be most compatible in your environment. Each as their own positives and negatives but there will usually be one that best suits your area.

Measure The Amount Of Space You Have

Determine where you're going to put the cabinets and the amount of space you have. Base cabinets will take up some floor space so be aware of how much space you have to give. Garage cabinets are made in various depths to accommodate different space limitations.

Garage wall cabinets are a great way of storing things up and out of the way but make sure they're clear of obstructions like garage door rails and car lifts.

Avoid The Pack-Rat Mentality

Finally, avoid the pack rat mentality. If you're in the market for garage cabinets that also means you're in "organization mode". Take this opportunity to really think hard about the stuff that's lying about.

Get rid of (give away, sell or throw out) items you haven't used in a while. Do a little purging and you can cut down on the amount of garage cabinets you'll need. Your wallet will thank you.


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