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DIY Garage Floor Coatings?

we recently read a blog about some house flippers who decided to makeover the garage by doing an epoxy coating themselves instead of hiring a professional to do it.  The before and after pictures looked great but what we need to see is the after pictures in a few years.  The problem with doing it yourself is that if the prep work and application are not done correctly and the right products are not used it will not last.  We often get calls from homeowners who have a coating but it is peeling up and looks terrible.  The only and costly solution to this is to grind down the concrete and recoat it properly.  After that, it will look amazing and will last.  DIY is great but can also lead to more hassle down the road.  Give Silverline a chance to give you a quote and you can save yourself a weekend of work and more money spent later.  If you do have peeling in your garage let us take care of that for you.


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