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Custom Workstations

One of our most popular products right now is our workstations aka desks.  Unlike regular desks these can be built into the wall, that corner nuck of unusable space or right in the center of your room.  We have a variety of materials, colors and styles and different handles and pulls to match the decor of your home and they are affordable.  We can also customize the storage to your needs, do you need more drawers, display shelves or file cabients, we can do that for you. One we have installed in numerous homes is our double workstation, this is great for those who work from home or for a homework space for the kids!  This also leaves a ton of space in the room for other furniture like a Murphy bed that instantly transforms the office space to a guest room.  Give us a call today to see what we can design for your workspace at 208-888-4176 and please view our picture gallery and on our facebook!


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